Tattoos Agianst Domestic Violence – Psychological Support Initiative

Domestic violence concerns women all around the world. The victims often struggle to speak about it and that’s one of the main factor why it’s often very hard for them to find the support they need to get out of it. Indeed, the hardest step on the path to recovery is often breaking the silence.

Hopefully, institutions, even in the corporate world, and committed people around the world are trying to help the victims through different initiatives. Those initiatives can sometimes be seen as small actions but they are truly meaningful because they help the victims to break their isolation. Everyone can act against domestic violence.

domestic violence break the silence


Tattoos Against Domestic Violence

That’s exactly what The artist Flavia Carvalho proves again in her own way, by offering free tattoos to women who where domestic violence victims. She wanted to help them recover by providing them a way to change the meaning of the scars that mark their bodies.

domestic violence stabbed

It started with a woman who wanted to hide wide scars. They were the consequences of violence from her intimate partner, who had literally stabbed her. The artist reproduced this initiative again, helping several woman from 17 to 60 years old. She was deeply moved by the emotional relief of the victim she helped. It could look like something anecdotic but it’s not. Tattoos help those women to get through the pain by providing a new meaning to their scars, which are as much psychological as physical.


Help to Break the Silence !

The hard truth is that most of the domestic violence victims are not able to speak about their situation. The social pressure and isolation can even make them feel guilty. But it’s an unsustainable physical and psychological pain that our society can’t tolerate. Everyone can change that by being aware of this problem and receptive to the signs that can hide these horrible violence. If you suspect anything, try to create a dialog but don’t be too direct to avoid scaring the possible victim who might be to scared to speak. Just let her know that you’ll be here for her if she need someone to speak to.

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