About Us | We Stand Against Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a tragedy that repeat itself daily. Since the best way to stand against it is too help the victims speak about it, our team decided to create a website.

stop domestic violence

Our goal is to help women, that suffered or are suffering from domestic violence, to know that they are not alone. We are numerous committed to support them and help them get out of the violence loop.

Our role is to provide the best prevention and detection methods and information to identify and stop those terrible situations. The problem is both physical and psychological, that’s why having the right support and source of information is so important and we want to have an impact regarding that matter.

If you have any question or need any information regarding what we are trying to accomplish or your own situation, just leave a comment or send an email to contact@violenceresource.org. If you think you are witnessing a domestic abuse situation and you don’t know how to react, contact us too. We’ll give you the right advices so that you’ll be able to act effectively.