Domestic Violence Against Women : Don’t Fear to Speak About It !

Domestic violence against women are major public issues and concern more than 35% of women worldwide. Those facts are both direct violence and sexual assaults¬† and have terrible consequences on the mental health of the victims. That’s even more than 40% of all female murder victims who are killed by an intimate partner.


domestic violence against woman


The first step to step out the violence loop is to break the silence around it. Association like the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence are here to help you find an exit to this terrible hardship and recover from the trauma of domestic abuse. Violence against woman and sexual assault are not fatalities and therapies provided by association and psychologist can help you get over it. This therapist will help you to recover your self-confidence and to get a fresh start.



How to Prevent Domestic Violence ? The Role of a Psychologist and of Couple Therapies

It’s crucial to recognize and act against the existing domestic violence but the best way to stop this awful phenomenon is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Maintaining communication with the intimate partner is key. That’s often when the communication stopped in a couple than the worst can happen. That’s why simply contacting a psychologist for a couple therapy can truly help avoiding terrible consequences. A few therapy sessions can really make the difference and simply help you have a healthier relationship.


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In most developed country, psychologists specialized in couples are easy to find. From Psychologist in New York ,USA to psychologist in Lyon, France, almost every city in every developed country has the therapist you need. Just find the right for you !


What are Concrete Ways to Stop Domestic Violence in my Community ?


Tip 1 – Educate your Community

Prevention and education are the most effective weapon against domestic violence. You can simply start by organizing workshops at local companies and schools, meetings and talks about that issue.

Tip 2 – Use Social Networks for More Impact

With the rise of social media, it has never been easier to communicate around social issues. So use social networks to get your message against domestic violence out there. Making people aware is a huge part in implementing preventing methods against this critical issue.

Tip 3 – Be Ready to Listen

The hardest part for a woman victim from domestic violence is to speak about her problem. Simply be ready to listen and make clear that she is not alone facing her problem. It will give her the courage to speak more about it and ask for help.

Tip 4 – Provide Some Simple Help

If you suspect someone to be a domestic violence victim, try to help her with simple acts. Providing some relief by babysitting the children or picking up groceries for her will help her not feeling alone. And give her opportunities to ask for your help.

Learn More about Domestic Violence with the following TEDx Video


You Want to Act ?

Learn more about prevention methods and solutions against domestic violence and their psychological consequences.